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Permanent Planning History

History of Permanent Planning, Inc.


Permanent Planning, Inc. (PPI) was incorporated in January of 1973 after a committee began meeting in 1971 to address the on-going concerns of parents of children with intellectual disabilities.  They were concerned about what would happen to their child once they were gone.  The committee was comprised of parents, attorneys, insurance representatives, and banking and trust officers.  As a result of this committee, a corporate guardianship program was established as a means of ensuring care of the person with a disability would be seamless after the family is no longer able to care for the person.  A corporate guardianship has several advantages over individual guardianship because individual guardians could move from the area, die, or become inactive due to their own health concerns.


In order to fund the guardianship program, a generous donor provided the funds to build a group home that PPI leased to a local residential service provider, to generate income to pay the guardian representative staff.  Collateral from that group home, and subsequent group homes, was used to eventually build 10 group homes and buy a 12-plex apartment complex and a 5-bed waiver home, which PPI still owns and leases to a local service provider today.  As the properties have aged, and the service provider has requested structural changes be made to better accommodate an aging population, the expenses to make renovations and repairs has jumped beyond what the properties can generate in rental income.  Therefore, the PPI Board of Directors agreed that in addition to changing the fee structure for guardianship services for people with intellectual disabilities, expanding services to provide advocacy for seniors would allow the organization to serve more people and be sure we could continue to provide a lifetime of guardianship care to the individuals PPI originally set out to serve.






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