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Guardianship Services

guardianship services in iowa
How can we help?
guardianship services in iowa
Who is eligible?

Permanent Planning, Inc. (PPI) is a corporate guardianship agency. The corporation is the guardian and the professional staff provide the guardianship services. A Board of Directors comprised of professionals from the community and family members who have received our services meets monthly.  


Professional staff is responsible for meeting with the wards (the legal term for the individual who has a guardian) on a regular basis in order to monitor their health condition, living environment, services, and overall well-being.


PPI staff will also attend necessary doctor appointments and advocate for appropriate medical care for the ward. In addition to the monthly report to the PPI Board of Directors, the staff also makes an annual report to the District Court on the condition of our wards.


Staff has regular contact with the ward, their families when applicable, and service providers to develop trust and good working relationships. The PPI staff is familiar with community services available and work with the individual’s team to ensure opportunities are sought out and pursued on behalf of the ward.


Other services offered by Permanent Planning, Inc. staff include:

  1. Monitoring of residential services and funding to be sure the ward is being treated fairly, receives proper meals and services, and is provided with opportunities for social growth.

  2. Monitoring of ward’s physical and psychological health.

  3. Provide guidance to the individual and service providers to be sure the individual is participating in community and recreational activities he or she desires.

  4. Provide assistance in gaining meaningful employment or appropriate day programming and progress toward an area of activity matching interests and abilities.

  5. Provides counseling, guidance, and consultation with service providers to enable the individual to obtain his or her highest degree of independence the individual’s capabilities will allow.

  6. Provide guidance in the area of financial management, in evaluating earnings to determine if the individual is being treated fairly, and in budgeting and managing money.



Permanent Planning, Inc. (PPI) provides professional guardianship services to adults in need of a substitute decision maker. PPI has served as guardian and advocate for people with intellectual disabilities since 1973. In response to the growing demand for our service, PPI has expanded to serve the elderly or others whose life could be improved by the care and compassion we provide.

guardianship services in iowa
What are the fees?

PPI will provide professional services for the cost of $75 per hour. If travel outside of Black Hawk County is required, the current state reimbursement rate for mileage will be charged in addition to the hourly fee.

Fees will be charged for the actual time spent traveling on behalf of the person under guardianship, meeting with the person, coordinating with other service professionals, updating family, attending doctor appointments, completing required court duties, or any other duties staff completes on behalf of the person under guardianship.

The hourly fee will be charged for initial consultations, file creation, and meetings with counsel prior to Letters of Appointment being signed by the judge naming PPI as guardian.


guardianship services in iowa
How do I enroll?

Those wishing to receive guardianship services from PPI should call (319) 277-1410 or email a guardianship application to


To view the Guardianship Service brochure, click here.

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